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Asset Management

Since Milan’s acquisitions, asset management, and property management staff work so closely together, Milan Capital provides more than simple third party property management to its clients. Milan is an active buyer, owner and seller of commercial assets, and therefore outside clients utilizing Milan’s property management services gain access to critical decision-making through an owner’s eyes. Milan’s Asset Management staff works with investors and property management to execute on each asset’s business plan.


By constantly monitoring opportunities for adding revenue and cutting expenses, investors can maximize a property’s current cash flow and long term value. By staying on top of the capital markets, Milan recommends appropriate finance, refinance, and disposition strategies that are tailored to maximize each property’s potential and to meet each owner’s investment objectives. We approach our clients’ properties as we would our own. This translates into macro thinking when it comes to an asset’s financial direction. 


As a result of Milan’s grasp on leasing, financing, and general market conditions, at times our recommendations will be to dispose of an asset in favor of other opportunities. Milan approaches its property management clients as though we were involved in the ownership itself and provides recommendations as it sees beyond the immediate horizon, and makes recommendations as to whether to sell, refinance, or simply stay the course.


If the decision is made to sell, Milan assists in the disposition of the asset to assure that the financial goals of the owner are met while protecting the owner from liability through a well-coordinated disposition process. Milan Capital can be tapped to prepare due diligence packages that have served to prevent “re-trading” or other surprises during escrow. We have been through the process countless times and owners have been overwhelmingly satisfied by the manner in which Milan facilitates transactions.



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