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The maximum value for real estate properties can be achieved only through proactive, diligent, and responsive property management.  

Milan’s goal is to maximize current income without sacrificing the long-term growth of the owner’s equity in the project.
Milan’s team of managers provides a personal and customized level of service. We eliminate the necessity for ownership to be involved in day-to-day activities, allowing the owner to focus on key strategic issues affecting their property. Because we work closely with the investment services team, all decisions are reviewed from both a day-to-day, detail-oriented property management, as well as a long-term view.

Asset Management

By constantly monitoring opportunities for adding revenue and cutting expenses, investors can maximize a property’s current cash flow and long-term value.

Best Practices & Tenant Retention Programs

Our property management services are centered around the principal of best practices.

Budget & Reporting

We use operating budgets as a tool to plan our year and beyond as well as to coordinate the business plan with the owner’s performance expectations. 

Distressed Properties

As an investor in real estate, Milan’s specialty has been turning troubled eyesores into thriving assets.

Lease & TI Administration 

Milan Capital frequently manages the construction of tenant improvements on behalf of our clients. It is imperative that these construction projects be well managed. Not only does this protect the owner’s interests, it also increases long-term tenant satisfaction.

Our People

Our managers are but one link in a chain of professional individuals who form your team.

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