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Our People 

Our people are professional real estate managers in every respect but first and foremost they are good, caring folks who:


Are team oriented. 

Our managers are but one link in a chain of professional individuals who form your team. Although we are external to your organization, we become in all practicality a member of your organizational team. We will meet and correspond regularly both internally (within our four walls) and with you often. As such, it is a prerequisite that all team members have the ability to interact in a group dynamic where ideas are welcome and solutions fostered. On top of all this, we have fun doing it, and bad attitudes are not tolerated by anyone on the team.


Put others first. 

We recognize that selfless individuals care about others. This is the foundation which allows for great service to you and your tenants. Our managers and other staff are not happy until issues, no matter how great or small, are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved. It is this caring that pushes us to create an atmosphere at your property where the tenants feel at home. The average person spends the majority of their waking hours at work. Our goal is to create an environment where your tenants can operate comfortably without worrying about ancillary distractions associated with the fiscal or physical operation of your property. On the residential side, we strive to make sure that each of our customers is not merely a “tenant” living in a “unit”, but a family living in a home. It is this caring that pushes us to great extremes to make sure you and your tenants are satisfied.


Are great listeners. 

Our managers LISTEN to your concerns and those of your tenants. If they have not received the message as intended by the deliverer, the task or objective will not be met. By actively listening we learn about you, what you value, and what is important. Nothing else matters. By listening to your tenants we get to know their businesses and what is important to them so we can help them succeed. We have a genuine concern and respect for your well-being and that of your tenants. Our goal is to provide you with service that has meaning and is valuable to you and your tenants. We cannot do so if we are not listening.


Are humble. 

We have a saying “leave your ego at the door.” Humility makes us all coachable and helps us to learn – there are no egos. Our managers seek answers so we can provide innovative solutions and seek self-improvement so we can better serve you. Although, we wish we could say that we have all of the answers, not one of us does. It is this humility that allows our team to creatively interact and constructively improve day by day– all with the end goal of helping you achieve your goals and maximize your investment’s value.


Are conscientious to a fault. 

Our managers have been known to work some crazy hours. Not because we demand this of them or because they are overloaded with responsibility, but because they are internally driven to fulfill their mission and are extremely conscientious about making sure your requirements are met. We bring an unquenchable work ethic to the table that will never be satisfied until you are (and then we begin anew).


Are chameleons. 

Our managers adapt to your needs. They begin to personify you. If you are not happy, neither are they. They think like you and are proactive in their recommendations. Your goals and objectives become their goals and objectives.


Are technicians. 

This is where the rubber meets the road. If you want something fixed or fine tuned, you take it to a professional tradesman. The talents of our managers and other staff allow us to give you the highest quality, “state of the art” service that you would expect from any top professional. Not only do we have good people, we have skilled people who understand the current real estate investment environment and are eager to share that knowledge with you through customized, timely, and accurate reporting.

Believe. They believe in our best practices and performance standards. They have seen the results of our benchmarking and believing is half the battle to achieving whatever matters most to you.


Have positive attitudes. 

The glass is always half full. We recognize that the world is full of problems and your property has its share. We also recognize that for every problem, there is a solution and a positive approach to issues and concerns goes a long way towards getting through difficult tasks and situations.

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