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Debt Placement, Entitlement, Development & Asset Management
Debt Placement


Through its involvement as an active owner and operator, Milan has generated relationships with a variety of lenders, from small banks and life insurance companies, to large investment banks. As times change, and the lending market moves through underwriting modifications, Milan has stayed in touch with those lenders offering the most attractive rate and terms and will assist owners with their lending needs whether for purchase or refinance.



Entitlement & Development


Many of Milan’s projects involve new construction or redevelopment. The process of planning, entitlement, permitting and construction is a complex web of project coordination that requires experience to avoid costly delays. Milan, acting as agent and partner with owners, has facilitated the entitlement and development of numerous product types including, retail, multi-family, mixed-use, and other projects.



Asset Management


Following acquisition, the work of Milan’s investment management team continues. Milan’s Asset Management staff works with investors and property management to execute on each asset’s business plan. By constantly monitoring opportunities for adding revenue and cutting expenses, investors can maximize a property’s current cash flow and long term value. By staying on top of the capital markets, Milan recommends appropriate finance, refinance, and disposition strategies that are tailored to maximize each property’s potential and to meet each owner’s investment objectives.


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