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Heroes & Helpers / Loving our Veterans

In December MilanCap employees had the opportunity to join with Target and the Fontana Police & Fire Department for our Heroes & Helpers event.

During this event, 50 under privileged children received a $100 gift card and were accompanied by a police officer or fireman while shopping. The children had the opportunity to purchase what they desired for the Holidays. Yet, the generosity of the children and selfless was on display as many of the children purchased gifts for their parent, grand-parents and siblings.

Additionally, MilanCap had the pleasure to gift candy and toy-filled stockings along with popcorn, gift certificates donated by Shakey’s Pizza and cards to Five Below. In addition to the gift cards donated to the kids, officers and firemen donated and additional $1,797.67 of their own money to cover for the little shoppers. The children and their families were so grateful for the gifts. Of all the events MilanCap puts on during the year, this event is always one of our favorites.

However, this event has a tough competitor…

In January, the Fontana Police Department contacted MilanCap to share their idea for a new event that has a little twist on our Heroes & Helpers. The Fontana PD wanted to honor our other heroes; our local veterans who are in need. Of course, MilanCap couldn’t resist the opportunity to join forces with Fontana PD for such a worthy cause. We partnered again with Target and created “Loving our Veterans”. This time MilanCap gifted 20 veterans a $200 gift card to Target and a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant. As with the kids, each veteran was accompanied by a police officer as they made their purchase, yet they had to splurge on something only for themselves. Some bought desired items such as a television, camera or a Cuisinart appliance but many purchased groceries, clothing, shoes or cleaning products. Whatever was purchased, the Veterans were happy and appreciative. At times, it was hard for MilanCap employees to hold back tears while seeing the veterans joy.

At each event, the Fontana Police Department presented Milan Capital with a Certificate of Recognition to thank us for our participation.

It gives us great joy to be able to partner with the City and pride to be part of a company that allows its employees the opportunity to give back to our community.

Karla Arzaga

Real Estate Manager

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